Science for Every seeker

  • 48 hours of a collaborative project with Lindau alumni and young scientists from multi-disciplinary and diverse countries & cultures.

Event: Siathon 2020

Organizers: Nobel Laureate Meetings council, Germany.

Date: 19th – 21st June 2020

Project Description:

Inspired from the diversity among Lindau Laureate Meeting Scientists and Alumni, the Diversity and Inclusion team at the Lindau Sciathon, 2020, came together with a dedicated objective to create a very helpful and informative database of information and resources aimed at students and early career researchers to find opportunities irrespective of their country, religion, gender, language, or ethnicity.


The purpose was to create a one-stop database of information and resources of opportunities for students from minority backgrounds which will be very beneficial for students and researchers. To foster the engagement of talents from minorities, we also offer a mentoring platform on which successful scientists can guide young graduates to find their way into Academia. With this in mind, we have designed an online platform of role models and prestigious inclusive programs and events worldwide that will be announced throughout the year.

2 Minutes Summary:

2-minutes summary of the project.

Project Report: Click here for PDF



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