Introduction to Quantum Field Theory


While doing TAship in General Relativity and Quantum Field Theory at my graduate university in spring 2020, I have also conducted this mini-lecture series for PhDs, graduate, and undergraduate students who were taking the aforementioned courses and doing their senior-year projects/thesis in high energy theory.

Course Material and Medium of Instructions

Lecture notes were uploaded after every session on the university LMS portal accordingly. The medium of instructions was Urdu and English.

Course Content

  • First Lecture – Introduction to Classical Field Theory

    •  What is a field?
    • Dynamics of fields
    • Field theory
    • Dynamics of classical field theory
      • Massless scalar fields and their dynamics
      • Massive scaler fields and its dynamics
    • Klein-Gorden Equation and its solution
    • Interacting scalar fields:
      • Particle in the presence of a field
      • Two interacting classical scaler fields
    • Complex scalar fields
  • Second Lecture – Canonical Quantization

    • Field in terms of creation and annihilation operator (Mode expansion)
    • Normal ordering
    • Canonical quantization of complex scalar field
    • Klein-Gordon equation for non-relativistic regime
    • Canonical quantization of truncate the complex scalar field

  • Third Lecture – Symmetries & Noether’s Theorem

    • Global and local symmetries
    • Spacetime and Internal symmetries
    • Brief introduction of Noether’s current and Noether’s momentum
    • Energy momentum tensor
    • Uncoupled and Coupled harmonic oscillators
    • Some examples (mostly from David Tong’s lecture notes)

  • Fourth Lecture – Feynmann Propagators

    • Feynman propagator
    • Interacting system
    • Free propagator
    • Discussed some problems

Here are the blackboards for the first two talks.

Youtube Playlist:

Youtube Playlist of some lectures (in Urdu/Hindi)


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